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The Home of precision engineered implements.


Imported implements do not always serve the needs of local farmers as well as our own locally developed implements. Our implements are made by farmers for farmers. All our implements are tested rigorously on our own farms before they are made available commercially.

At Elko Implements we understand the needs of the farmer and our aim is to supply you with your exact needs. Be it wide implements or standard widths we can build it all for u. We build a wide range of implements including Grain carts , wheat, sunflower, peanut and maize planters, fertilizer and gas applicators, para plows,rippers, V-Blades, row crop weeders , roll rod weeders etc. etc. Also feel free to contact our onsite mechanical engineer to discuss your specific needs and ideas.

Elko Implements can also custom make your replacement fertilizer/seed bins, para plow tines, shoes etc. We also boast a comprehensive spare part department stocking a wide range of bearings, chains, sprockets and other replacement parts on a wide variety of implements.

Quality implements assure quality crops.